Tips For Keeping Your Home Cleaner, Longer

Posted on 06/19/2017

If you dream about keeping your home cleaner longer, you’re not the only one who wants a spotless house for more than a few days. The demands of everyday life are already a lot to handle, so throwing a long list of household chores into the mix every week can be tiresome and time-consuming.

Here are ten tips for keeping your home cleaner longer to help make your everyday routine your source for an immaculate home.

1. Seal Your Garage Floor. Paint a protective barrier between your garage floor and the elements that get tracked inside every day, so you’ll spend less time sweeping up dust and dirt.

2. Dry Your Sink and Counters. Get in the habit of wiping down basins and other wet surfaces in your bathrooms and kitchen, and you’ll find yourself spending less time spraying and scrubbing.

3. Lay Down Throw Rugs. Put out rugs you can toss in the washing machine to collect excess dirt and grime, saving yourself from sweeping and mopping all the time.

4. Wipe Down Surfaces With Dryer Sheets. Turn used dryer sheets into handy washcloths, repurposing this dust-repellent material to wipe up dust and grime while preventing additional buildup.

5. Stay Organized With Boxes and Baskets. Place boxes and baskets of different sizes in and around your house for storing everything from toys to linens, allowing you to spend less time picking up after your family.

6. Clear Out Clutter. Round up and donate the items you don’t need anymore after every season, and you’ll have fewer things to pick up and put away as well as more clean space to enjoy in your home.

7. Brush Your Pets Outside. Take the time to brush away your furry friend’s loose fur every few days, thus keeping your dog or cat from shedding in your house and saving yourself from sweeping and vacuuming.

8. Take Shoes Off at the Door. Put a mat in front of and behind every door in the house and provide a basket for shoes; you’ll trap dirt, leaves and more before they make it into your house.
9. Clear the Dishwasher Before Bed. Run the dishwasher after dinner and put the dishes away before going to sleep, so you’ll avoid a sink full of dirty dishes after breakfast every day.

10. Keep Cleaning Supplies Around Your House. Store cleaning supplies in your bathroom, kitchen and more, so you’ll find yourself carrying out fewer marathon cleaning sessions.

These ten tips for keeping your home cleaner longer are great ways to tackle your to-do list for a tidy house. Whether you’re busy with school, work or family, you can save time and rest easy knowing that your cleaning efforts will keep your place fresh for days.