Hosting Guests Over The Holidays This Year?

Posted on 10/20/2014

If your home is the site for this year’s family Thanksgiving or winter holidays, spreading out your to-do list and tackling a couple projects before Halloween can give you more time to relax and enjoy your guests later.

How about these three tasks?

1. Declutter your house and garage then hold a yard sale.

You’ll raise some extra holiday cash, give a new home to furniture and household goods you no longer need and have your house looking great for the holidays.

Another option is to donate the items to the local Habitat for Humanity Restore and take the tax deduction.

2. Check your supply of bed and bath linens.

If you need new items, you’ll have time to watch for a good sale before guests arrive.

Need a place to hold extra guest towels? Swap out your towel rack for a towel bar with shelf above.
In a super-small bathroom, a shelf over the door can hold extra towels for guests.

3. Baby-proof for visiting little ones.

Are your children or other guests bringing little ones into your not-so-baby-proof home? There are lots of temporary safety devices to help keep toddlers safe so parents relax and enjoy their visit with you.

If you order childproofing items now, you’ll have them on hand to install a few days before guests arrive. You can buy a childproofing kit, or just purchase single items like cabinet latches, outlet plugs, baby gates or door knob covers. 

Spending a little time planning now can ease your stress later on when it’s time to shop for meals, clean the house, and make final preparations to greet your guests!