Create A Champagne Home On A Beer Budget

Posted on 02/21/2017

Homes that are decorated according to classic tastes and today’s trends are more likely to be purchased. But redesigning your home to meet your dream standards can be expensive.
Here are five tips for decorating your “champagne” home on a “beer” budget.

  1. Paint

Rather than adding a bunch of new furniture or upgraded fixtures to a space, you can apply a fresh coat of new paint to give it a brand-new feel. You can paint all your walls one color or you can mix things up a little. With paint you can: paint an accent wall, paint a pattern onto the wall, create a mural, paint an accent ceiling, or paint the doors and trim while leaving the walls white.

  1. Forget Brand Names

You can save a ton of money by buying some not-so-new furniture outside the walls of traditional furniture stores. You can purchase furniture and accessories for a fraction of the retail price within a five-mile radius of you at places like garage sales, yard sales, thrift stores, estate sales and online auctions. Tip: You can save even more money if you know how to haggle! Put those negotiation skills to good use!

  1. Follow The Current DIY Trends

Now’s your chance to make all your Pinterest board dreams come true. Rather than calling in experts and paying them hundreds or even thousands of dollars, you can upgrade your light fixtures, floor boards, door bells and appliances yourself to give your home that champagne feel.

  1. Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose

Use your creative skills to reinvent some of your yard sale finds or repurpose some of the items you already own into new treasures. Examples of reusing old items for a new purpose include: using an old window shutter as mail organizer, make a functional coffee table out of an old trunk, hang an old wooden ladder to create a shadowbox-like shelf or place to hang personal photos. Use your imagination!

  1. Have A Yard Sale Of Your Own

You can make room in your home and in your budget by selling some of your old clothes, furniture pieces, games or DVDs. A yard or garage sale is a fun way to remove unwanted clutter. You could also ask your customers what they plan to do with the items they purchase to get ideas on how you can upgrade your home.

If you need more ideas on how you can make your home more inviting to prospective homebuyers, reach out to us with questions.